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I'll start with we bare bears the show is really good at first I thought it was a bumper for in between shows but it was much more I've watched 3 episodes of this show and I'm hooked as of now.the three bears in this show are (from I can tell) brothers . grizz the brown bear is like the leader of the group and he sets the base for some episodes the other two bears are ice bear whos calm about everything and panda who over reacts about everything and doesn't have much social skills .The one thing that gets me about this cartoon is like in ed edd n eddy is that everyone hates them or looks at them like they did some thing wrong like in our stuff they were being positive when they lost at basketball grizz is like nice shot and the guy he was playing was like what?
It makes you like them more because it shows you that they only have each other also they suck at almost everything they do so you love them more
This show will be the better of the new Thursday night lineup

Next is teen Titans go
Now this show is something a little bit weird we all know the original Teen Titans were the best from our childhood but this show is kind of like what happened with SpongeBob but instead of it happening slowly over time it just came.i have been watching the episodes one by one because when I saw the promotion of the channel was doing to get it out there I decided to watch it .the episodes were tamed until he got really popular and that was when they started doing some weird stuff like things that don't really make sense or things that would really make you go what! why?.
Many things like belly fetish and legs or thighs have  gone into the mix and it's really chaotic when you think about it. I was able to appreciate some episodes that are based off of actual episodes. the one that I saw tonight was based off the last time they will fight Slade and the little title card that passes the time by  said after 3 episodes and a TV movie and Robin got his kiss from Starfire and this is what happened afterwards and it was a little okay Starfire was scared of a clown I thought that was funny because we got to hear a lot more feeling from her voice actor.beast and  cyborg get a clown they think he's not cooland they make them into a villain this clown and it just gets really stupid from there but the jokes were okay episode wasn't too crazy like the other so it was good
So yeah the show is really popular for little kids not for older people who remember the old teen titans I really think it's crazy but I hope we do get to see a new Teen Titans because that would be great.


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